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Local Development Plan

Carradale Community Trust and East Kintyre Community Council delivered the wide ranging and inclusive 2020-2025 East Kintyre Local Development Plan after feedback which came back from the 2019 Visitor and Residents Survey and Open Day. A huge thank you from the whole community to the LDP team for the work involved in producing the Plan. We have uploaded the pages of the report for you to review as photos below and in a PDF Link button.

The Plan is regularly revisited to ensure the aims are current and the projects on track. Please help us in making a better and brighter future for all of us who live, work and visit East Kintyre!

To read the latest LDP news check out the following link Local Development Plan Updates

Community Survey 2022

The East Kintyre Community Planning Group are launching a new Community Survey.

The Group are committed to continue listening and responding to the needs of our community and last reached out in 2019 whereby those responses helped shape the Local Development Plan.

Since then lots of things have changed and we want to take the opportunity to get up to date opinions on what improvements and changes you now feel are necessary to make our community sustainable, happy and healthy.

To provide ideas, we would appreciate it if you would complete the survey. The questionnaire can be viewed and completed in various ways by clicking any of the following links:

2020-2025 East Kintyre Local Development Plan

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