East Kintyre

Carradale Harbour Enterprises Ltd


The harbour has always been a physical and social focal point in Carradale life, reflecting the huge importance of fishing to the local community.

In the days when the waters around East Kintyre were alive with herring, the harbour was alive, too, with the bustle of boats coming and going and, of course, the voices of many locals who worked in this vibrant industry.

If you’d like to discover more, a full history of the harbour can be found at the Carradale Harbour Website.

The Carradale Harbour Users Group was set up some years ago and in 2013 a limited company – Carradale Harbour Enterprises Limited (CHEL) – was formed to take over its role.

CHEL now operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of Carradale Community Trust (CCT) and was established primarily to carry out the development outlined in the Smith Scott Mullan Associates report.

Moorings and Slipway Projects

The first project carried out was to establish four visitor moorings just outwith the harbour. Yachts using the moorings pay a fee of £10 a night, which goes towards meeting the annual maintenance costs. We are very appreciative of assistance from MOWI in managing the four moorings, now re-installed post lockdown.

The establishment of the moorings was followed by the construction of a bespoke slipway within the harbour area.

Visitor Moorings / Slip Fees and Payment Procedure

  • Mooring fees are £10 per night; Slip fees are £5 for launch and recovery

  • A mooring fees box is located on a post beside the car park in the harbour.

  • Payment may be made by cash or by cheque payable to ‘Carradale Harbour Enterprises Ltd’.

  • Cheques may also be sent to Ezel Cottage, Shore Road, Carradale, Campbeltown, Argyll PA28 6SH.

  • Payment of mooring fees may be made online direct to our bank: Sort Code 83-16-27, Account No. 00115748.

Harbour Events

CHEL is responsible for organising two fundraising events each year: Harbour Day and The Great Carradale Canter (5k and 10k runs). Competitors for the Canter can enrol online at https://www.facebook.com/greatcarradalecanter

  • Great Carradale Canter: TBC

  • Carradale Harbour Day: 19 August 2023

Future Plans

Although further major development at the harbour has not proved possible at this time, CHEL retains responsibility for the operation and maintenance of the visitor moorings and for the slipway.

It has recently installed a picnic bench and flower tubs, thanks to contributions from local businesses, and its future plans include discussions around the possibility of installing a piece of art and straightening access to the slipway to simplify boat launching and recovery.