East Kintyre

Carradale Community First Responders

Carradale Community First Responders are group of local volunteers trained by the Scottish Ambulance Service. We are dispatched in response to certain 999 emergency calls in our locality, to support patients, prior to the arrival of an ambulance and paramedic.

Carradale First Responders are presented with Platinum Jubilee Medals and Coins in recognition of their volunteer service

Four members of the Carradale Community First Responder Team have been presented with the Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee Medal in recognition of over five years’ service as a volunteer First Responder supporting their community and the Scottish Ambulance Service. The medal recipients are: Dr Malcolm Elder, Steve Redwood, Robert Strang and Cate Trott.

Two members, Ian Brodie and Karen Murphy with under five years’ service were presented with Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee commemorative coins.

First Responder Volunteers

  • Dr Malcolm Elder

  • Ian Brodie

  • Karen Murphy

  • Robert Strang

  • Steve Redwood (currently on leave)

Community Defibrillators

There are public access defibrillators at Carradale Village Shop, the Village Hall entrance door and on the wall at Haird's Hairdresser. There are defibrilators soon to be located at Saddell and Peninver.

Other defibrillators are with Carradale Surgery, First Responders and Fire Brigade.

First Responder Training

Training is held on the second Monday of each month at 7.00 pm in the Fire Station


We will be recruiting once Scottish Ambulance restart the First Responder Training Scheme. If you are interested in becoming a First Responder please get in touch with Dr Malcolm Elder.


Carradale First Responders will be manning a stall at the following events: TBC