East Kintyre

Carradale Heritage Centre

On the north side of the B879, about a quarter of a mile east of the junction with the B842, the main road running up the east side of Kintyre, is the Carradale Heritage Centre (postcode: PA28 6SG). It’s next to the Blackbird Tearoom and has a bright red roof, so you can’t miss it! Carradale wasn't just about fishing, farming and forestry – there are lots of other exciting stories to tell, including tales of smuggling, the plague, and a mysterious sea serpent.

2022 Exhibition of Carradale's Heritage

The Carradale Heritage Centre is now open for visitors when Blackbird Tearoom is open. This exhibition tells Carradale's story up to about 50 years ago and there is a display of some interesting items which may be almost unique! There are a number of specially produced panels which outline the history of this wee west coast village from early days to almost modern times, detailing some national figures who have a strong connection to the village. Suffrage and DNA being two things that we take for granted but do you know Carradale's part in those stories? Well worth a visit, do come and visit when you can!

The Snakepit!

Silver Lining Wheelhouse

Videos - a look back in time....

Our most famous resident of the recent past, the author Naomi Mitchison

Politicians, writers, artists, musicians and poets gathered in Carradale in 2013 to celebrate the 75th anniversary of Naomi and Dick Mitchison's arrival in the village in May 1938 - an event that changed the lives of local residents forever. The three-day inaugural Noufest featured a wide range of local and national talent, all of whom celebrated the life and work of one of Scotland's greatest icons, Naomi Mitchison.

Two short documentaries made about the village of Carradale, on Kintyre, in 1969/1960. The author was, at the time, a student teacher and regularly visitor to the village.

Carradale Point

Stunning video by Malcolm Trott, of Carradale and the ancient site of a fort on the point of land to the south of the village. Views of Carradale Bay and across Kilbrannan Sound to the Isle of Arran

Harbour Grand Opening 1961

A short clip of the Grand Opening Ceremony at Carradale Harbour - 1961. Carradale's sheltered harbour opening out into Kilbrannan Sound and a view towards the Isle of Arran.

Photo Gallery

Carradale old pier in the 1950s. Opened in 1870, it was the first iron pier to be built in Scotland. Photo by Duncan Ritchie ©

Carradale’s present harbour was opened in 1959. This photograph was taken in October 1968, when it was being extended. Photo by Duncan Ritchie ©

Carradale ring-net boats Mairi Bhan & Harvest Queen on the quay beach for cleaning, October 1968. The Bungalow tearoom & poles for drying nets are in the background. Photo by Duncan Ritchie ©

In 2019, the Heritage Centre hosted a temporary exhibition about our most famous resident of the recent past, the author Naomi Mitchison