East Kintyre

EKCC Emergency Plan

It is vitally important that our community is able to respond to, and recover from, an incident or emergency either alongside the emergency services, or in their absence due to abnormal circumstances. This is even more crucial in remote communities with a high proportion of elderly residents.

East Kintyre Community Council have drawn up an Emergency Plan which is continually under review. An emergency could be anything from severe weather, a pandemic, flooding or fire, to a major incident involving transport. Preparing the community for these kinds of events will make it easier to recover following the impact of an emergency. Being aware of the risks that we may encounter and who within our community might be able to assist you, could make our community better prepared to cope with an emergency.

Local emergency responders will always have to prioritise those in greatest need during an emergency, especially when life is in danger. During these times, our community will benefit from knowing how to help ourselves and those around us until assistance arrives.


Help 999 know exactly where you are

What3words has given every 3m square a unique combination of three words. People are using the free app to help 999 know exactly where to find incidents. It is a free app you will find on your smartphone.

For example Carradale Village Hall has the words #courts.over.equipping. Check out What3words to find what words are used for your home address or Download the App to enable the words for your exact current location.

News Updates

Thank You OMEXOM (11/11/20)

EKCC and CCT would like to express thanks to Omexom (who are working on the Carradale Sub Station) for providing secure facilities for storing the EK Community Resilience Items. The resilience items were purchased via grants for use in a crisis, such as when the whole of East Kintyre endured a lengthy power cut in March 2013 and the more recent Covid Crisis. The administration of these funds was managed by a small resilience group comprised of members of EKCC, CCT and Carradale Village Hall, working to the Emergency Plan. Your generosity has allowed the community to have space to keep these essential items safe and dry.

EK Emergency Resilience Group Update (June 2020)

A small team (East Kintyre Emergency Resilience Group) was set up to consider the best ways to spend the funding grants announced below to consider how best to support the community during Covid 19 and times of other emergencies so that we would be prepared for most eventualities. The aim is to ensure the community is as self sufficient as possible and that people on their own or isolated geographically are able to be supported.

Find out more by reading their EK Emergency Resilience Group June 2020 Update.

Funding Application Successes (May 2020)
SSE Networks Resilient Communities Fund Application Success

EKCC were delighted to be awarded £1,550 grant from SSE Networks Resilient Communities Fund to support local communities during the Covid 19. This will be split between EKCC COVID-19 Community Resilience Group (£500), Kintyre Food Bank (£525) and The Kintyre Youth Cafe (£525).

Covid-19 Supporting Communities Fund Application Success

The CCT were delighted to receive £10,600 from the Covid-19 Supporting Communities Fund for the period 16/03/2020 – 31/08/2020. This funding to assist the East Kintyre Community area was made available by the Scottish Government and administered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise on their behalf.

In awarding this assistance, you have indicated to us that you will deliver the following outputs:

Summary of Activities:

  • Provision of measures to combat food poverty

  • Provision of volunteer transport service

  • Provision of measures to combat social isolation and keep community connected

  • Provision of PPE equipment

  • Provision of COVID community welfare fund

Overall Outcomes:

  • The economic impact on Covid-19 on our community’s fragile economy is minimised.

  • Our community will be better equipped and able to return to “normal” when restrictions are lifted.