East Kintyre

East Kintyre Councillors

Electoral Wards

The northern part of the East Kintyre Community Council area (north of Saddell) is in the Kintyre and Islands electoral ward.

The southern part of the East Kintyre Community Council area (from Saddell south) is in the South Kintyre electoral ward.

The Kintyre and Islands Councillors:

The South Kintyre Councillors:

The East Kintyre Community Councillors:


  • Trish Collins: (Secretary) Tel: 07733337163 Email: tcekcc@gmail.com

  • Shelagh Cameron:

  • Audrey Willan: (Treasurer)

  • Jose McKinnon:

Member of Parliament

Member of Scottish Parliament for Argyll & Bute

Regional List MSPs for Highlands & Islands region: