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East Kintyre Windfarm Trust

The East Kintyre Windfarm Trust was established in 2001, by Argyll & Bute Windfarm and Renewable Trust, to disburse community benefits from the first windfarms to impact on the East Kintyre Community Council area. Currently, the trust receives about £56,000 a year in benefits from the Beinn an Tuirc 1 & 2, Deucheran Hill and Tangy 2 Windfarms.

The aim of the fund is to support local communities through promoting the economic, social and environmental sustainability of the area. The funds received are used to make grants to community groups, charities and voluntary organisations in line with the identified criteria and objectives in the current East Kintyre Community Action Plan.

The EKWFT is managed by a Committee comprising of EKCC Councillors and three independent members of the public. The main role of all Trustees is to ensure proper governance of the fund and adherence to the established rules and criteria.


Application Process

Twice yearly tranche distributions are made, in May and November each year. There is a condition that grants can only be made to applicants living within the geographic area covered by East Kintyre Community Council. However, exceptions can be made if there is proof that residents in this area can benefit from the services provided by an organisation such as Campbeltown Cinema, Argyll FM, etc.

An advertisement goes in to the Campbeltown Courier approximately six weeks before the tranche meeting is held and application forms are available by clicking the application button below. It is hoped that as more turbines are introduced in Kintyre, more money will be available for grants.

Following each tranche meeting the EKWFT Minutes are released and a note of the outcomes of the applications uploaded in the Past Awards section of this website.

Key Dates

Please note the following key dates for the autumn tranche:

Applications open: 15 March 2024 

Applications close: 18 April 2024

Tranche decision meeting: 2 May 2024

Any queries can be directed to: Alasdair Bennett, Secretary & Treasurer, East Kintyre Windfarm Trust, Brudhearg, Waterfoot, Carradale PA28 6QX Tel: 01583431112 Email: ekccwft@hotmail.com

How to Apply

Before applying we strongly advise you to:

  • Read the EKWFT Criteria carefully to ensure your application meets the fund's requirements.

  • Read the EKWFT Privacy Policy

  • Read the EKWFT Form Guidance in full and have all information/documentation to hand before filling in the form

  • When you open the form, save to your computer prior to filling.

Application forms are available in editable pdf and Word format. Please click your preferred button link below to apply. The Emergency Application Form is for use outwith tranche periods.

Committee Members

Tel: 01583 431112 Email: ekccwft@hotmail.com

Community Funding News

The people of East Kintyre greatly appreciate the community benefits received from the Windfarms. These funds have helped deliver a wide range of projects that improve community facilities and provide opportunities. To find out more please click BaT Windfarm News

Deucharan Hill

Beinn an Tuirc