The East Kintyre Local Development Plan for 2020-2025 is live!  

Carradale Community Trust and East Kintyre Community Council did not expect to deliver the Local Development Plan in the midst of such an epic crisis.  However, maybe there is no better time for us all to reflect on the future and the differences that each of us can make?  

We hope that the Plan inspires you to join us in delivering projects described in its pages, all of which came out of the Visitor and Residents Survey and Open Day feedback. Please help us in making a better and brighter future for all of us who live, work and visit East Kintyre!  

A huge thank you from the whole community to the LDP team for the work involved in producing the wide ranging and inclusive 2020-2025 East Kintyre Local Development Plan.  We have uploaded the pages of the report for you to review as photos below. Alternatively if you have a good broadband connection you may wish to download the PDF file (24 MB) using the PDF link button below.

Save Carradale Forest

Carradale Community Trust with the support of  East Kintyre Community Council and a huge number of residents, submitted an application to Register an Interest (RoI) in Carradale Forest on 15 July 2020. Thanks so much to all of you who have already given your signatures.  We invite anyone who wishes to sign but has not yet had the chance to please do so before the end of August 2020. 

Our application aims to ensure CCT can work to deliver what you asked for in the survey and local development plan.  Through our Community Survey, we learned many residents and visitors wanted much more choice in terms of things such as footpath networks, cycle and bridle ways and viewpoints (of Arran, the Kilbrannan Sound and the last remnants of the Atlantic rainforest).  Many were keen to observe wildlife, especially our golden and white tailed eagles. Visitors also wanted us to preserve East Kintyre’s quiet beauty. We have been refining plans to try to meet these aims and to encourage green tourism and sustainable growth.

We invite all CCT members to join us in the process of active planning for the future of Carradale Forest.  Forms can be scanned and emailed to Jenn Lee, Planning Group, Carradale Community Trust (

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