Welcome to EKREG Ltd

EKREG Ltd was spun-out of the Carradale Community Trust's EKREG as an autonomous not-for-profit vehicle to explore opportunities on behalf of the community to take shared ownership in several new/planned wind farm developments/businesses in the region – with the intent of harvesting a share of the profits from wind farms and ultimately disseminating available funds to communities to use to fuel significant legacy projects identified in Local Development/Action Plans .

EKREG Ltd.’s mission will pursue the Scottish Governments Best Practice Guidelines 2019 whereby wind farm developers are encouraged to invite communities to take shared ownership in new developments and finances are available to expedite community participation.

There are several examples of community ownership that have been most profitable for the communities involved see: Local Energy Scotland - Case Studies 


EKREG Ltd to lead shared ownership negotiations on behalf of local communities

Agreements are now in place for EKREG Ltd to take the lead and explore community shared ownership opportunities in new/repowered local wind farm developments on behalf of East Kintyre Community Council (EKCC), West Kintyre Community Council (WKCC), Campbeltown Community Council (CCC), Southend Community Council (SCC), The Laggan Community Council (TLCC) and South Kintyre Development Trust (SKDT).

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