About the year 2000, when the first wind turbines in Kintyre started to generate electricity, a fund was set up with Argyll and Bute Council (A& B) to receive community benefit payments to be distributed to the Community Council areas where the turbines were situated.  This was designed to help community groups in these areas finance their projects through a system of grants.  So far EKWFT has received money from Beinn an Tuirc 1 and more recently Beinn an Tuirc II, Deucharan Hill Wind Farm and Tangy II.

The EKWFT is managed by a Committee comprising of the EKCC Councillors and three independent members of the public.  The main role of the three public members is to see that proper governance takes place in regard to adherence with the A&B rules/criteria in relation to making grants. In doing so they have full voting rights.

Committee Members

  • EKCC Community Councillors
  • Alasdair Bennett
  • Kenneth Semple
  • Rebecca Paterson

It is a condition that EKWFT retains 10% of funds received to build up a reserve for the future. Since the first tranche meeting took place there have been a large number of grants distributed to a wide variety of applicants who meet the required A&B criteria  Twice yearly tranche distributions are made in May and November each year. There is a condition that grants can only be made to applicants living within the geographic area covered by EKCC. However, exceptions can be made if there is proof that residents in this area can benefit from the services provided by an organisation such as Campbeltown Cinema, Argyll FM, etc.

An advertisement goes in to the Campbeltown Courier approximately 6 weeks before the tranche meeting is held and application forms are available by clicking the application button below.  It is hoped that as more turbines are introduced in Kintyre more money will be available for grants.

The July 2020 AGM minutes can be found in the "Minutes" section and the decisions agreed at the May 2020 meeting can be found in "Past Awards" section below.


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