There are a number of wind farm developments in East Kintyre which are having, and will continue to have an impact on the community of East Kintyre.  

The East Kintyre Community wish to build strong, positive relationships with developers of approved wind farms to ensure the future economic viability of the area.  There are two routes which can make this happen - Community Shared Ownership in local wind farms and genuine, transparent Community Benefit Funds delivered directly to the community.

To find out the latest wind farm development news for Kintyre check out Kintyre Wind website.

Community Shared Ownership (CSO)

"Shared ownership can help promote stronger relationships between local communities and the renewables sector, and deliver lasting economic and social benefits to communities across Scotland. " Scottish Government

East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group (EKREG) was formed in 2019 and tasked by Carradale Community Trust with researching new and/or proposed renewable energy developments that will impact on East Kintyre.  The primary aim of the group is to highlight the socio-economic implications of such developments and maximise income to the community from agreed developments. 

Due to windfarm developments impacting all Kintyre Community Council areas, EKREG Ltd soon took the lead to explore CSO opportunities on behalf of all the Kintyre Community Council areas.  Kintyre Wind represents a collaborative project involving Community Councils across Kintyre and EKREG Ltdto facilitate and deliver Community Shared Ownership (CSO) to the Kintyre communities.  

Community Benefit Funds

"Community benefits offer an opportunity for communities to benefit from their local renewable energy resource by engaging them in discussions to build a lasting relationship with the renewables industry that supports Scotland’s transition to a low carbon future." Scottish Government

Community benefits schemes are a well-established, integral part of renewable energy developments, and often represent a positive relationship between renewable energy businesses and communities. They are voluntary arrangements offered by renewable energy businesses to communities located near developments, and are not a material consideration in a planning application. The Good Practice Principles for Community Benefits  was launched in April 2019 a valuable tool for renewable energy businesses, communities, local authorities and other stakeholders involved in the development of renewable energy.

East Kintyre community groups looking to apply for grants for projects from the local Windfarm Community Benefit Funds should check out the following pages on criteria, how and when to apply:

East Kintyre

Windfarm Trust

For details of the community benefits from the following wind farms:

Beinn an Tuirc 1 & II, Deucharan Hill, and Tangy II

East Kintyre

Community Fund

The East Kintyre Community Fund has been set up to enable the distribution of Community funds from windfarms, and funds from other sources, to community groups or organisations within the area of East Kintyre to undertake projects that meet the public benefit criteria agreed by the SCIO.

Funds from Beinn an Tuirc 3 Windfarm and MOWI Scotland


Community Fund 

Cour Windfarm Fund was established to support the communities local to the wind farm and is administered by FERN Community Funds .

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