There are a number of wind farm developments in East Kintyre which are having and will continue to have an impact on the community of East Kintyre.  

Community Shared Ownership

East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group (EKREG) was formed in July 2019 and tasked by Carradale Community Trust with researching new and/or proposed renewable energy developments that will impact on East Kintyre.  The primary aim of the group is to highlight the socio-economic implications of such developments and maximise community benefit income to the community from agreed developments. 

EKREG Ltd was spun-out of the Carradale Community Trust's EKREG as an autonomous not-for-profit vehicle to explore opportunities on behalf of the community to take shared ownership in several new / planned wind farm developments/businesses in the region.

EKREG Ltd Multi-Community SOREPEKREG Ltd has been successful in having their new set of Model Rules approved and registered by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  These Model Rules are designed to support local communities in achieving shared ownership of renewable energy projects and thereby furthering community development, education and regeneration within the participating community council areas

EKREG Newsdesk - keep up to date with all the renewable energy news happening in East Kintyre.

Windfarm Community Benefit Funds

East Kintyre community groups looking to apply for grants for projects from the local Windfarm Community Benefit Funds should check out the following pages on criteria, how and when to apply:

The East Kintyre Windfarm Trust - CBF's from Beinn an Tuirc 1 & II, Deucharan Hill, and Tangy II. set up with Argyll and Bute Council to receive community benefit payments to be distributed to the Community Council areas where the turbines were situated.  This was designed to help community groups in these areas finance their projects through a system of grants. 

Cour Windfarm Community Benefit Fund - CBF from Cour Wind Farm established to support the communities local to the wind farm and is administered by FERN Community Funds .

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