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Carradale Surgery COVID Vaccination Update (20/01/21)

We are expecting our first delivery of the Astrazeneca Oxford vaccine next week. If this delivery is received as scheduled, we will begin offering vaccines to the priority groups as outlined by NHS Scotland. Initially this will be to the over 80's either at the Surgery or at home for house-bound patients.

We will be following a strict schedule laid down by the Public Health Department. Patients will be contacted directly by the Surgery and given an appointment time to attend. As vaccine supply continues the Priority groups will be called up in order.

You may not be vaccinated at the same time as others in your household who may be in a different group from you - your friends and relatives will be invited as soon as their vaccine arrives in the Practice. This vaccine arrives in vials containing 10 or more doses, which must be used within a certain time of being opened - please adhere to your appointment time to avoid wastage.

Currently, Carradale Surgery has no control over the number of vaccines allocated to our area or when these vaccines will arrive. Updates will follow as and when we have them for you. Thank you for your continued patience, and we will be in touch with each patient as their allocated vaccine arrives.

We are looking forward to seeing you all for your vaccination.

EKREG Ltd lead CSO negotiations on behalf of all local communities of Kintyre (18/1/21)

Agreements are now in place for EKREG Ltd  to take the lead and explore community shared ownership (CSO) opportunities in new/repowered local wind farm developments on behalf of:

Boundary Commission Review of Electoral Arrangements for Argyll & Bute - Have Your Say:

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland has launched a public consultation on proposals for the electoral arrangements in Argyll and Bute. The Boundary Commission for Scotland is seeking your views on their proposals for the number of councillors, wards and ward boundaries and their names in Argyll and Bute. The consultation will run until 26 January 2021 and you can access it at: Public Consultation

Covid Vaccine Update (14/01/21)

Carradale Surgery have been informed the vaccine for the over 80’s will arrive here about the 27th January.  The surgery team plan to carry out the vaccination very promptly and therefore will be in contact with all over 80’s in due course to arrange vaccination.

Carradale Music Festival 2021 - Cancelled (10/01/21)

Message from CMT Team:

It is with a very heavy heart that we must confirm that Carradale Music Festival 2021 will be cancelled due to COVID-19.

After ending 2020 with news that the Covid-19 Vaccine would be rolling out early 2021, we were ever hopeful that the festival would go ahead in April, however, with the impact of the new strain and the uncertainty around government restrictions on gatherings and events, this sadly means it will be impossible to run an event such as this.  It is paramount that Carradale Music Festival is a safe, family-friendly event and sadly this can’t be guaranteed under the current restrictions.  Whilst we understand the decision is disappointing, we feel it is the right one to protect the safety of visitors and artists who travel from far and wide to Carradale and Kintyre throughout that weekend.

With restrictions changing so frequently, we have decided that CMF2021 will not be rescheduled to a later date and will return in 2022 with another incredible lineup of musicians.  All ticket holders will be issued with a Full Refund. In the meantime, thank you again for your continued support and for understanding our decision in these very hard times we find ourselves in.  Stay safe and we will hopefully see you all very soon.

Argyll & Bute Council’s Supporting Communities Fund 2021/2022 (09/01/21)

Open for applications from 11th January 2021. Not-for-profit community organisations, who have a constitution or a Scheme of Establishment are eligible to apply for potentially up to £2,500 to support community projects.

Message from Carradale Surgery (05/01/21)

Full lockdown has begun again and we understand people are going to find this a very bumpy journey. The lockdown is to protect the vulnerable and to assist the NHS cope with Covid and Non- Covid illnesses. Our community rose to the challenge keeping everyone as safe and supported as possible last time and are on hand to do so again. By everyone following all the rules we help our community stay safe. The good news is the community vaccine programmes will hopefully start shortly. Much of the focus from Health Boards across Scotland has been to vaccine front line health workers, care home staff and residents first. As yet we don’t have a date of when the vaccine will arrive in East Kintyre, but will keep you informed as soon as we know. When the vaccine does arrive we shall work day and night to vaccinate medical staff and patients.


If you have any of the Covid symptoms below - even if mild - you need to book a test as soon as possible. Test And Protect service 

  • A new, persistent cough
  • High temperature
  • Loss or change in taste or smell

if you have symptoms such as chest pain, limb weakness, speech changes and visual disturbance do not hesitate to seek medical advice.

We remain available as we have done throughout the pandemic. It is important you contact the surgery if you have ANY worries or concerns - even the “It’s just a...”.

WE ARE HERE FOR YOU, Take care and stay safe.

Merry Christmas (23/12/20)

We know that celebrations will be very different for all this year.  We hope that by following the Covid-19 rules that you are able to enjoy the festivities in a safe and careful way.   A big THANK YOU to all who have volunteered for the Community throughout the year.

Community Right to Buy Carradale Forest has been denied (13/12/20)

Hi Everyone, 

I am sorry to report that our application for a Community Right to Buy Carradale Forest has been denied - Scottish Ministers Decision Letter.

After reading the lengthy response from the Ministers, my understanding for the denial is that we could not provide sufficient evidence that the community had a connection with the land. We also could not, in their view, meet the public interest criteria.  However, our sustainable development plans were considered to be robust, and we were encouraged to engage with FLS in the development of Deer Hill.  

For my part, I am not in the least surprised.  My expectations were always low, knowing full well the political pressure coming from the government's renewable energy targets, its close relationship with FLS and the lack of support from Argyll & Bute in its current approach.   

Our CRtB application nevertheless has attracted the attention of a wide range of actors, and we need to build upon this.  For instance, the Government’s own Scottish Land Commission appears to disagree with the Minister’s view on the scope of FLS’s obligations to consult with communities.  I will continue to liaise with them, as well as pursue avenues for wider public pressure where I can.  

Unfortunately, the residents of Grogport, Rhonadale and Carradale must be under no illusions: you are going to have to fight if you are to have any influence over the location and height of the turbines that are now coming your way*.  Moreover, we are also going to have fight for each and every one of the aspirations in our LDP and CRtB if they have any hope of happening. We know from our recent meeting with FLS that local planning staff have not been given the resources to do, well, pretty much anything at all.  The vast sums that FLS - a government quango - will make from the Carradale Forest Energy Offering will go into coffers elsewhere, not to support or invest in the forest or our community.  

The EKCC will keep a vigil for all planning applications affecting the Forest, whilst the Planning Group of CCT will recommence work to complete our development plans, as begun in our CRtB application.  We will engage fully with our local FLS team and make sure we include them in any discussions - and we will ask that each of you consider becoming more engaged with CCT, EKCC and the planning for our future.  

Regards,  Jenn, Planning Group,  Carradale Community Trust

*Please be very aware that the documents associated with the recent FLS consultation did not include the location of most existing or planned wind turbine developments, let alone those that will result from FLS’s recent Energy Offering.  

Road Closure on 14 December (08/12/20)

SSEN Carradale Substation Project - advance warning know that there is a delivery of a transformer planned for Monday 14th December 2020 which will require a short closure of the B842. All the details can be found in the attached poster.

Saddell & Carradale Community Advent Calendar

A new window will be revealed each day in Advent from 1st December. All you have to do is find it

EKCC Meeting with FLS (25/11/20)

We the EKCC are hoping to have an online meeting with Jeni West from Forestry Land Scotland w/c 30 November regarding Carradale Forest development. If any residents from East Kintyre would like to join the meeting or would like a question asked, please contact Ian Brodie. 

Village Hall Quizzle (20/11/20)

The Village Hall Quizzle has been released and we hope that it provides people with a challenge during hours of possible lockdown/isolation!  There is no charge in this year of pandemic—but only a certificate for the winning entry! Please have a go and distribute to your friends.

EKREG Minutes (12/11/20)

The fortnightly meetings of East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group (EKREG Minutes) are posted online, with EKREG News page updated with regular updates.

Thank You OMEXOM (11/11/20)

EKCC and CCT would like to express thanks to Omexom (who are working on the Carradale Sub Station) for providing secure facilities for storing the EK Community Resilience Items.  The resilience items were purchased via grants for use in a crisis, such as when the whole of East Kintyre endured a lengthy power cut in March 2013 and the more recent Covid Crisis.  The administration of these funds was managed by a small resilience group comprised of members of EKCC, CCT and Carradale Village Hall, working to the Emergency Plan. Your generosity has allowed the community to have space to keep these essential items safe and dry. 

Community Advent Calendar (05/11/20)

Steve and Chris have been trying to think of creative ways in which we might approach Advent this year…something to include members of the congregation (of all ages) and the wider community.  One idea we have come up with is a Community Advent Calendar! The idea is for windows around the village to be decorated (akin to the page of an Advent Calendar). Full details

Carradale Community Trust AGM (03/11/20)

The AGM will be held on Wednesday, 26 November at 7pm.  Full details available on CCT AGM 2020 page.

Congratulations Ian (03/11/20)

Our very own Ian McGhie, manager of the Carradale Temporary Shop is named as one of Scotland's High Street Heroes.  Ian has been a stalwart throughout this year voluntarily managing the village shop which has been such a huge asset to the community at this time.  Well done Ian and very well deserved.

EKREG New Toolbox promoted on LES Bulletin (02/11/20)

Good to see Local Energy Scotland informing other communities of the new EKREG Toolbox for Multi-Community Shared Ownership projects in their November 2020 CARES bulletin.

Carradale Camera Club (28/10/20)

Carradale Camera Club members shared a selection of stunning autumn images at their recent Zoom meeting. 

FLS Land Management Plan Consultation (27/10/200

Please give your feedback - Following delivery of a Forestry and Land Scotland information board to the Village Hall car park, you can also view Carradale Land Management Plan Consultation documentation and maps online.  These documents also include a questionnaire - please complete to give your input. The consultation will run from 1 November to 30 November 2020.

Carradale Surgery Placement (23/10/20)

Carradale Surgery say goodbye to Eilidh Seaton their Aberdeen University 5th year placement student. To mark the occasion a surprise delivery of Drumfearne cupcakes with a special 2020 medical theme was arranged. A big thank you to all the patients who assisted with Eilidh's placement via telephone, video or face to face consultations.

EKCC Meeting with MOWI Scotland Ltd (15/10/20)

EKCC recently held a meeting with Mowi Scotland Ltd regarding the recent Carradale North Farm Storm damage and the Marine Aquaculture Site North Kilbrannan Proposal.  If you wish to know more please view the Mowi Slide Presentation and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the North Kilbrannan Application.

Flu Clinics (01/10/20)

Carradale Surgery will be running Flu Vaccine Clinics for Carradale Surgery registered patients starting from Friday, 2 October.   The appointments will be on a Friday morning for Carradale patients and on a Wednesday for Skipness patients.Due to the increased numbers receiving vaccines this year, the Covid-19 regulations, and limited car parking we are issuing Flu Clinic Guidance to assist clinicians and patients. We THANK YOU in advance for your help in making the flu clinics run smoothly.

Going the Extra Mile (28/09/20)

The communities and businesses in Argyll & the Isles have been immensely proud and energised to go the extra mile to welcome our visitors in a safe and responsible way during this pandemic, and all the changes that it brings.  Find out more at Going The Extra Mile

Wind Farm Fund Applications (25/09/20)

The local community Windfarm funds are now open for applications. East Kintyre Windfarm Trust - Apply Now (Close: 29/10/20); Cour Windfarm CB FundApply Now (Close: 30/10/20)

2021 Event Dates (15/09/20)

Carradale Music Festival - 2/3 April 2021; Carradale Canter- 27 June 2021; Carradale Harbour Day - 28 August 2021; More details on our Major Events page.

CCT Newsletter (08/09/20)

The October 2020 CCT Newsletter sets out our future plans for a permanent village shop in Carradale. 

The Village Shop: (30/09/20)

Carradale Community Trust is extremely disappointed the sale of the shop to the community will not now go ahead. We are grateful to Scottish Land Fund, the grant providers for the planned refurbishment (The East Kintyre Wind Farm Trust, The Abbeyfield Trust, MOWI, Cour Fund and the National Lottery), INCH, Highlands and Islands Enterprise, as well as all of those who have generously given their time and effort in making our bids a success. Whilst we wanted to put the shop back at the heart of the community, we are now pursuing our other options to fulfil our promise to return a permanent shop to East Kintyre.

£89,750 Funding Success (17/09/20)

Carradale Community Trust (CCT) has been awarded the funds to purchase Paterson’s Bakery & Village Stores, which has been closed since 2018, and re-open it as a retail, social and information hub.  Thanks to the generous support of Scottish Land Fund, CCT are delighted that East Kintyre will once again have a permanent shop.  Our wonderful Temporary Shop has been a lifeline  - and has taught us so much -  but volunteers and customers cannot wait to have Paterson’s back at the heart of our community!

Mowi Looking to Expand (03/09/20)

Mowi Scotland Ltd team of marine biologists, oceanographers and data analysts have submitted an application to Argyll and Bute Council for a high-energy salmon farm to be located at North Kilbrannan, Kilbrannan Sound. The Kilbrannan proposal will create 7-10 direct jobs on site and many more indirectly within the country’s aquaculture supply chain, supporting both the rural and Scottish economies. To learn more, you can view the full proposal 

Kintyre Renewable Energy Community Group is Leading the Way in Scotland (19/08/20)

East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group (EKREG) is leading the way in Scotland to enable Community Councils to work in partnership and deliver MULTI COMMUNITY SHARED OWNERSHIP IN RENEWABLE ENERGY PROJECTS (SOREP). EKREG Ltd has recently been successful in having their new set of Model Rules approved and registered by The Financial Conduct Authority (FCA).  For further information please read our Press Release and Multi-Community SOREP page.

Carradale Community Trust Report - EKREG (06/08/20)

It is a year now since East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group (EKREG), a small group of local volunteers, came together, as a sub-group of CCT, to explore the opportunities that consented renewable energy developments might offer the communities of East Kintyre. Full Report

Special Edition of The Antler (06/08/20)

This is a Special Edition of The Antler distributed around the village. On behalf of the entire community, many thanks to everyone involved and for your amazing work over the past four months.

Thank You (30/07/20)

The East Kintyre Community would like to say a huge THANK YOU to everyone who has helped the Community during recent months.  The Carradale and EK Covid Support Group with their wonderful volunteers have been a huge asset to the Community.  In the meantime stay safe and please continue to follow Scottish Government guidelines, but most of all enjoy life in our fantastic little community.

We’re Good To Go (15/07/20)

Look out for the ‘We’re Good To Go’ industry standard and supporting mark. This means businesses across all sectors of the tourism industry in Scotland can demonstrate that they're adhering to the respective government and public health guidance, and have carried out a COVID-19 risk assessment to check they have the required processes and protocols in place.

Save Carradale Forest (15/07/20)

Carradale Community Trust with the support of  East Kintyre Community Council and a huge number of residents, submitted an application to Register an Interest (RoI) in Carradale Forest on 15 July 2020. Thanks so much to all of you who have given your signatures.  

Our application aims to ensure CCT can work to deliver what you asked for in the survey and local development plan.  Through our Community Survey, we learned many residents and visitors wanted much more choice in terms of things such as footpath networks, cycle and bridle ways and viewpoints (of Arran, the Kilbrannan Sound and the last remnants of the Atlantic rainforest).  Many were keen to observe wildlife, especially our golden and white tailed eagles. Visitors also wanted us to preserve East Kintyre’s quiet beauty. We have been refining plans to try to meet these aims and to encourage green tourism and sustainable growth. We invite all CCT members to join us in the process of active planning for the future of Carradale Forest.  Contact: Jenn Lee, Planning Group, Carradale Community Trust (

FLS Registration of Interest (01/06/20)

EKREG as formal sub-group of CCT, with support from East Kintyre and West Kintyre Community Councils have registered interest in the 3 currently-leased blocks of land including and adjacent to Deucheran Hill windfarm so that the communities are informed 6 months in advance of the expiry of the existing lease and can then decide as to whether they wish to pursue a CATS application for the transfer of these Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) assets to the community.

EK Emergency Resilience Group Update  (June 2020)

A small team (East Kintyre Emergency Resilience Group) was set up to consider the best ways to spend the funding grants announced below to consider how best to support the community during Covid 19 and times of other emergencies so that we would be prepared for most eventualities. The aim is to ensure the community is as self sufficient as possible and that people on their own or isolated geographically are able to be supported.  Find out more by reading their EK Emergency Resilience Group June 2020 Update.

SSE Networks Resilient Communities Fund Application Success (May 2020)

EKCC were delighted to be awarded £1,550 grant from SSE Networks Resilient Communities Fund to support local communities during the Covid 19. This will be split between EKCC COVID-19 Community Resilience Group (£500), Kintyre Food Bank (£525) and The Kintyre Youth Cafe (£525).

Covid-19 Supporting Communities Fund Application Success (May 2020)

The CCT were delighted to receive £10,600 from the Covid-19 Supporting Communities Fund for the period 16/03/2020 – 31/08/2020.  This funding to assist the East Kintyre Community area was made available by the Scottish Government and administered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise on their behalf.  

In awarding this assistance, you have indicated to us that you will deliver the following outputs:

Summary of Activities:

  • Provision of measures to combat food poverty
  • Provision of volunteer transport service
  • Provision of measures to combat social isolation and keep community connected
  • Provision of PPE equipment
  • Provision of COVID community welfare fund

Overall Outcomes:

  • The economic impact on Covid-19 on our community’s fragile economy is minimised.
  • Our community will be better equipped and able to return to “normal” when restrictions are lifted.

The East Kintyre Local Development Plan for 2020-2025 is live!(02/04/20)

Carradale Community Trust and East Kintyre Community Council did not expect to deliver the Local Development Plan in the midst of such an epic crisis.  However, maybe there is no better time for us all to reflect on the future and the differences that each of us can make?  We hope that the Plan inspires you to join us in delivering projects described in its pages, all of which came out of the Visitor and Residents Survey and Open Dayfeedback. Please help us in making a better and brighter future for all of us who live, work and visit East Kintyre!  A huge thank you from the whole community to the LDP team for the work involved in producing the wide ranging and inclusive 2020-2025 East Kintyre Local Development Plan.  We have uploaded the pages of the report for you to review as photos below. Alternatively if you have a good broadband connection you may wish to download the PDF file (24 MB) using the PDF link button below.

EKREG Ltd to lead Shared Ownership negotiations on behalf of local communities (11/12/19)

Agreements are now in place for EKREG Ltd  to take the lead and explore community shared ownership opportunities in new/repowered local wind farm developments on behalf of East Kintyre Community Council (EKCC), West Kintyre Community Council (WKCC), Campbeltown Community Council (CCC) and South Kintyre Development Trust (SKDT).

Potential Hydro Sites in East Kintyre (5/12/19)

Five sites on Forestry and Land Scotland (FLS) land within EKCC boundaries were identified as possible community interest hydro sites and registered with FLS.  To find out more click the full report at: A Technical and Economic Scoping Study of Potential Hydro Sites Based on Forest and Land Scotland land within the EKCC Boundary.  A useful report to read alongside this is "Linking Local Power and Local People" - A Review of potential commercial arrangements for facilitating ‘Virtual Private Wire’ grid connections.

East Kintyre Open Day Report (09/11/19)

A  HUGE THANK YOU to everyone for making the Open Day such a success!  We were following up on our hugely successful Visitors and Residents Survey, and asking those attending about ideas for developing our area and making it more sustainable. The event, jointly sponsored by Carradale Community Trust and East Kintyre Community Council presented a number of displays with options for the future development of a shop/hub project and our harbour. Other displays covered our heritage and sought to promote local businesses. Fish Farm operators MOWI displayed their plans for the expansion of their Carradale operation, while SSE representatives were able to advise those attending of upcoming developments in the area. Members of the recently established East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group were kept busy answering questions about their intentions to secure a degree of community shared ownership in current and future wind farm developments, which it is hoped will help finance the legacy projects identified throughout this planning process.  Full Report

Carradale Visitor & Residents Survey (Summer 2019)

The survey was prepared for the Carradale Community Trust by Project Perspectives with the Carradale community. Views were collected from 852 people with the aim of informing a later Community Consultation which would in turn help shape the East Kintyre Local Development Plan.

Following a pilot in early June, the survey ran through the tourist season to mid September using a short printed questionnaire. It was actively and widely distributed by the community in Carradale and other East Kintyre settlements, also via an online link to Survey Monkey shared on social media.  Carradale Visitor & Residents Survey Summer 2019

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