ScottishPower Renewables (“SPR”) has operated Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm on the Kintyre peninsula since 2001 and is committed to maximising opportunities for local communities to benefit from their projects.

  • BaT1 - 45 turbines up to 30 MW - complete
  • BaT2 - 19 turbines up to 38 MW - complete
  • BaT3 - 14 turbines up to 50 MW – construction started September 2019

Beinn an Tuirc Windfarm Phase 3, is a 50MW installed capacity wind scheme development by SPR on the Forestry and Land Scotland estate.

SPR has offered Community Shared Ownership (“CSO”), outlined in the Beinn an Tuirc 3 Community Investment Document, to the local Community Councils of East Kintyre, West Kintyre and Campbeltown

EKREG Ltd has Memorandums of Understanding with each of the above three Community Councils to advise and help them deliver the CSO offer that has been brought to the Community by SPR.  

The rationale for incorporating EKREG Ltd was to enable a single point of trusted contact for the Community and provide a vehicle to proactively engage with developers and potential lenders including the Scottish Government, grant authorities and the Local Authorities. For the avoidance of doubt, EKREG Ltd will not be the final community investment vehicle which invests in BaT3.  

If the Shared Ownership in Beinn an Tuirc 3 Term Offer from SPR is financially attractive to the Community, this could be the first multi-community investment in a non-subsidy windfarm in Scotland.

Check out the BaT3 CSO Newsdesk for all our news:

BaT 3 CSO Project Timeline

March 2020

CSO Outline offer from SPR to Community  Councils of East Kintyre, West Kintyre and Campbeltown. Completed

EKREG Ltd registers interest on behalf of Community in pursuing CSO. Completed

EKREG Ltd registers new model rules with FCA for Multi-Community Shared Ownership in a Renewable Energy Project. Ongoing

April 2020

EKREG Ltd applies for LES Enablement Grant and Grant is approved (£25k). Completed

May 2020

EKREG Ltd invites Tenders for Financial and Legal Advisers. Completed

June 2020

EKREG Ltd engage financial and legal advisors. Postponed until Term Sheet received from SPR.

Q4 2020

Offer term sheet from SPR shared under NDA with Community.  Postponed into Q2 2021 by SPR

Community declare intent to invest. Postponed into Q2 2021 by SPR

Community Investment Vehicle created. Postponed into Q2 2021 by SPR

Line up capital. Postponed into Q2 2021 by SPR

Q2 2021

Investment Offer Document - Postponed into Q3 2021 by SPR

Q3 2021

Investment Offer Document - Termsheet provided to Community by SPR

Community decision - The Communities Financial Adviser (QMPF) stated that the CSO offer failed to meet Scottish Government guidelines for CSO. The offer made little financial sense to the impacted communities and the Community Councils wholeheartedly agreed with this view. 

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