We are fortunate to have various Community Funds in our region to support organisations that are doing great work to build a stronger, more resilient community across East Kintyre. The Funds have and will continue to support causes according to their purposes and objectives and we’ve seen up close just how much of a difference this has on the lives of our local community.

To check out details, applications and reports on the various funds please click the links below.

East Kintyre Community Fund (EKCF)

EKCF is a charity registered with OSCR (SC050650) in 2021 with the purpose of distributing community funds from windfarms and other sources to community groups and organisations in East Kintyre.

It is intended that all future Community Benefits from windfarms and other sources will be channelled into this fund along with revenues generated by Community Shared Ownership in renewable developments that impact on East Kintyre.  The fund is not to be confused with the East Kintyre Windfarm Trust, which sits under the auspices of the Argyll and Bute Windfarm & Renewable Trust and distributes funds from existing windfarms.  

East Kintyre Windfarm Trust (EKWFT)

The East Kintyre Windfarm Trust was established in 2001, by Argyll & Bute Windfarm and Renewable Trust, to disburse Community Benefits from the first windfarms to impact on the East Kintyre Community Council area. 

Currently, the trust receives about £56,000 a year in benefits from the Beinn an Tuirc 1 & 2, Deucheran Hill and Tangy 2 Windfarms.

Cour Community Fund (CCF)

Cour Windfarm was commissioned in 2016 (energised in March 2017) and has 10 turbines with total nominal power of 20.5MW.  

The Cour Community Fund is a fund (benefit size is £102,500 per year) that has been established to support the communities local to the wind farm and is administered by FERN Community Funds . East Kintyre is one of three community council areas to benefit from the fund.

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