SSE Marine Licence Application - Cable Replacement - Carradale to Arran (13/10/21)

The above application is now open for public consultation.

  • Application reference number: 00009441
  • Application stage: Application
  • Applicant name: Scottish and Southern Energy
New Blue Recycling Bins (2/09/21)

Look out for new blue recycling bins arriving in September, in preparation for a new bin collection service starting in October. More details 

SSEN - Inverary to Crossaig Phase 2 Presentation and Minutes (15/06/21)

Please see May 2021 Minutes and the May Presentation for latest news.

SSEN - Inverary to Crossaig Phase 2 Presentation and Minutes (24/05/21)

Ian Brodie (EKCC Councillor) was asked to attend the new Liaison group re Crossaig to Inverary new power line, now that the work has become Kintyre dominant. Please see April 2021 Minutes and the Presentation for latest news.

Kintyre Communities Fight Back Against Unfair Windfarm Developments (29/04/21)

“Enough is Enough” - The six Community Councils of the Kintyre Peninsula and the neighbouring South Knapdale Community Council are saying “Enough is Enough” in the face of increasing numbers of complex planning applications from windfarm developers proposing to scar Kintyre’s wild and beautiful landscapes with clusters of gigantic 230 metre (750ft) wind turbines, with little regard for the people who live and work here.

“An Alarming Trend” - They have also seen an alarming trend among some developers who don’t want to pay communities the Scottish Government voluntary community benefit (£5,000 per megawatt installed per annum) or offer effective and fair community shared ownership schemes. These ‘recommended’ schemes need to become mandatory.

Legislation - Woefully inadequate and No Longer Fit for Purpose - The legislation that governs renewable energy developments and infrastructure (sections 36 and 37 of the Electricity Act 1989) results in applications that are incredibly lengthy; highly technical; full of jargon and technical concepts that are virtually impossible for community councillors to understand and evaluate. It only requires minimal community engagement by developers. It is woefully inadequate and is no longer fit for purpose.

Jobs – From Hope to Despair - Kintyre’s wind turbine manufacturing plant at Machrihanish once offered the hope of 100+ skilled jobs to this economically challenged area. However, after changing owners several times it is now mothballed.

Windfarms offer few if any local jobs other than those created by Community Benefit Funding.

A Plan Of Action - The Combined Community Councils are asking the Scottish Government to implement a plan of action as follows: -

  • All further wind farm development needs to be delayed while a study of the effects it is having on communities of the Kintyre Peninsula and South Knapdale is carried out.
  • Community benefit and shared ownership must be made a mandatory requirement of all future planning proposals for windfarm development.
  • The Scottish Government should revise section 36 and 37 of the Electricity Act 1989

 to incorporate the standards of community engagement shown in the Community Empowerment (Scotland) Act 2015. Funding to provide professional consultancy, should be made available to all Community Councils that are affected by section 36 and 37 applications.

  • The Scottish Government must explore alternative arrangements for the re-opening of the Machrihanish wind turbine factory with a view to getting it back into full production at the earliest possible date.

Our Communities are asking “Will the Scottish Government support these reasonable proposals and ensure a fairer balance between the needs for greener power and the needs of the remote and rural populations who live and work in the lands needed to generate it?”

You can view: Question to the Scottish Government on the Effect of Windfarms on the Kintyre Peninsula

East Kintyre Windfarm Trust Fund Applications Open (23/03/21)

For the information of all community groups, East Kintyre Windfarm Trust is now open for applicationsApply Now (Close: 22/04/21).

Carradale Forest Group (02/03/21)

The East Kintyre Community Council, Carradale Community Trust and Forestry Land Scotlandhave formed a new Carradale Forest Group.   One of the areas we are working on together is improving access to the entire Deer Hill area.   We are really pleased to report that work will soon begin to connect the Grianan and Port na Storm car parks and provide a forest link for the Kintyre Way.   So if you are in the area from 8 March, please be aware that there may be a bit of disruption until the link and upgrade is completed. If you wish to be involved in the Carradale Forest Group, please get in touch with a member of East Kintyre Community Council.

Next EKCC meeting will be held by Zoom on 25 February 2021

The meeting will be held by zoom on Thursday, 25 February 2021 at 7pm.  If you wish to join please click on the following link at the time stated: Agenda link

Wellpark Wood (23/02/21)

East Kintyre Community Council are currently working on a plan to develop the area known as Wellpark wood. The area was previously used as a picnic area but has been neglected for some time.

EKCC are keen to work in partnership with the Primary school to develop the area in line with the Local Development plan in upgrading the space to an area which will be useable for all generations. To get the area to this we would like volunteers from the community to work together to develop this are. We would schedule dates fro working parties. The working parties may be restricted to numbers allowed under the current Government guidance.

We feel that at this time in the current pandemic the project may help people who feel isolated and struggling with their mental health the opportunity to meet with others in a safe outdoor space. We would appreciate your comments and ideas. Once completed we will post how our application for funding is progressing. If you would like to become involved then please Contact Shelagh Cameron, Trish Collins or Jennifer Conley.

Police Scotland Covid-19 Reporting Form (20/02/21)

Police Scotland have asked Community Councils to advise the community to report any covid breaches via the form online.  

Local Housing Strategy - Public Consultation (28/1/21)

Argyll and Bute Council and its partners are preparing a new Local Housing Strategy to set a priorities plan for the next five years. The new strategy is about identifying issues and priorities across all types and tenures of housing and related services, for all residents and anyone wanting to live in the area. To make sure it reflects the residents’ and communities’ views, the council is asking people to have their say. An online survey on the council’s website is running now until Friday August 21. The survey is the first part of a wider consultation programme bringing more opportunities to share views over the coming months.

Proposed Clachaig Glen Wind Farm - Public Consultation (27/1/21)

RWE (formally E.ON Climate & Renewables) received consent from the Scottish Government in December 2019 for 14 turbines for 25 years to a max tip height of 126.5m and rotor diameter of 101m.  A request for a scoping opinion was submitted in July 2020 to the Scottish Ministers in respect of the Clachaig Glen Wind Farm proposal for a reduction in turbines onsite to 12, for an increased operational period to 35 years and increased blade tip height to a maximum 180m and rotor diameter of 140m.

RWE will be holding an online public consultation for the proposals via a dedicated Virtual Consultation Room which can be accessed via their new project website from 29th 

The Virtual Consultation Room contains detailed information relating to the proposals, with a comment form available so that feedback can be provided to the project team. This feedback will be used by RWE, in conjunction with the various technical and environmental studies undertaken as part of the Environmental Impact Assessment (process, to help shape and inform the proposals.  Feedback on the proposals should be returned to us by no later than 5pm on Friday 12th March 2021. As part of the consultation, RWE will also be holding a question and answer session via interactive text from the project website. This will take place on 24th February (3-7pm) and provide an opportunity for residents and other stakeholders to directly engage with members of the project team. 

Boundary Commission Review of Electoral Arrangements for Argyll & Bute - Have Your Say:

The Local Government Boundary Commission for Scotland has launched a public consultation on proposals for the electoral arrangements in Argyll and Bute. The Boundary Commission for Scotland is seeking your views on their proposals for the number of councillors, wards and ward boundaries and their names in Argyll and Bute. The consultation will run until 26 January 2021 and you can access it at: Public Consultation

EKCC Meeting with FLS (25/11/20)

We the EKCC are hoping to have a online meeting with Jeni West from Forestry Land Scotland w/c 30 November regarding Carradale Forest development. If any residents from East Kintyre would like to join the meeting or would like a question asked, please contact Ian Brodie. 

Thank You OMEXOM (11/11/20)

EKCC and CCT would like to express thanks to Omexom (who are working on the Carradale Sub Station) for providing secure facilities for storing the EK Community Resilience Items.  The resilience items were purchased via grants for use in a crisis, such as when the whole of East Kintyre endured a lengthy power cut in March 2013 and the more recent Covid Crisis.  The administration of these funds was managed by a small resilience group comprised of members of EKCC, CCT and Carradale Village Hall, working to the Emergency Plan. Your generosity has allowed the community to have space to keep these essential items safe and dry. 

EKCC Meeting with MOWI Scotland Ltd 

EKCC recently held a meeting with Mowi Scotland Ltd regarding the recent Carradale North Farm Storm damage and the Marine Aquaculture Site North Kilbrannan Proposal.  If you wish to know more please view the Mowi Slide Presentation and the Environmental Impact Assessment Report for the North Kilbrannan Application.

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