We are a Scottish Charitable Incorporated Organisation (SCIO) created in December 2016 as a result of the conversion of a charitable company known as Network Carradale Ltd, which was formed in January 1996.  Scottish Charities No: SC024417

Carradale Community Trust (CCT) has been formed to benefit the communities within the area defined by East Kintyre Community Council – that is an area bounded by Peninver, approximately 11 miles to the south of Carradale, and by Cour, approximately eight miles to the north of Carradale.

Our aim is to achieve sustainable development that meets the needs of present and future generations, as follows.

  1. To advance community development and rural regeneration through the establishment and operation of schemes of a charitable nature.
  2. To provide facilities for persons suffering from physical disability, illness or impairment through provision of recreational and other activities.
  3. To provide facilities for recreation and other leisure time activity available to the public at large with a view to improving their conditions of life.
  4. The advancements of the arts, heritage or culture.
  5. To provide relief for those in need by reason of age.
  6. The Trustees are all local residents and either represent one of the other community organisations or are individuals with a range of relevant skills and interests. Our logo, the Loch Fyne Skiff, pays homage to Carradale’s fishing heritage, to a time when these vessels filled the harbour and when the majority of the population were engaged in the fishing, farming or forestry in one capacity or another.

What does CCT do?

We undertake practical projects for the benefit of the community. CCT has been very successful in delivering projects and is currently working on towards producing a sustainable plan for the future of East Kintyre. Details of our current activities are noted below.

Carradale Community Trust News

To find out the latest news read the Carradale Community Trust News page.

Who can join CCT?

Anyone can join for a one-off £5 membership fee, however only those resident in the Carradale Community area have voting rights. To join and support the work of Carradale Community Trust (CCT) please complete the Membership Form.

Local Development Plan (LDP)

The CCT with EKCC have produced a 2020-2025 East Kintyre Local Development Plan .  Find out here about what we have done so far and how you can engage and  be part of the coming changes. 

Abbeyfield Trust 

A long established Residential Care Home located within the village closed in November 2015, and funds from the sale of the premises are now available to our community to provide ‘relief for those in need by reason of age’. CCT now acts alongside two of the former Abbeyfield trustees to oversee the management of these funds that is in keeping with the aims of the Abbeyfield Trust.

Carradale Community Composting

Carradale Community Composting is part of the Seneval Project. CCT worked with EKCC to set up a green waste management scheme on part of Seneval Wood, which lies on the northern edge of the village. CCT has purchased 1.8 hectares of woodland from Forestry and Land Scotland for this and will retain and manage the rest of the wood for the community by creating a woodland walk that will connect with other paths around the village. 

Carradale Community Shop & PO 

East Kintyre now has a permanent shop! CCT opened the new Carradale Community Shop & Post Office after a full refurbishment on 8 June 2021.  

This was achieved by huge community effort following 2 years of fundraising and a team ofvolunteers very successfully running a temporary shop beside the village hall.    


Carradale Forest Group

The East Kintyre Community Council, Carradale Community Trust and Forestry Land Scotlandhave formed a new Carradale Forest Group*.   One of the areas we are working on together is improving access to the entire Deer Hill area.   We are really pleased to report that work will soon begin to connect the Grianan and Port na Storm car parks and provide a forest link for the Kintyre Way.   So if you are in the area from 8 March 2021, please be aware that there may be a bit of disruption until the link and upgrade is completed.  

 *If you wish to be involved in the Carradale Forest Group, please get in touch with a member of East Kintyre Community Council.

Carradale Harbour Enterprises Ltd 

This company operates as a wholly owned subsidiary of CCT and is responsible for the operation and maintenance of the four visitor moorings located just outwith the harbour and for the slipway within the harbour. Yachts using the moorings pay a fee of £10 a night and this goes towards annual maintenance costs. Carradale Harbour Enterprises Ltd is also responsible for organising a Harbour Day each year and for The Great Carradale Canter.

Carradale Heritage Centre - currently closed

The initial project was to set up a local Heritage Centre.  Redundant Forestry buildings were acquired and the Heritage Centre and Tearoom were established, together known locally as “The Network”.

East Kintyre Renewable Energy Group

EKREG was set up to explore ways to maximise renewable energy community funds for the benefit of future projects outlined in the Community Local Development Plan.

First Responders 

CCT promotes and facilitates Carradale First Responders who have been in place since 2017. 

Meals on wheels 

The CCT is now managing locally the Meals on Wheels service previously operated by Argyll & Bute Council. This involves organising the preparation of meals and delivery by a team of volunteer drivers from our community. 

Network Cafe - Blackbird Tearoom 

The community are delighted to hear CCT have arranged the new tenancy of the Network tearoom which opened on Friday, 11 February as "Blackbird Tearoom".  We wish the new owners all the best in their new venture.

The Old School  - currently closed

A small stone building close to the road at The Network was once a school for local children and represents another piece of local history. The building has been renovated thanks to the generosity of local tradespeople and to volunteers from our community. It will soon be opened as a Tourist Information Centre.

Emergency Resilience

The CCT were delighted to receive £10,600 from the Covid-19 Supporting Communities Fund for the period 16/03/2020 – 31/08/2020.  This funding to assist the East Kintyre Community area was made available by the Scottish Government and administered by Highlands and Islands Enterprise on their behalf.

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