We provide all the two-wheeled services you need to enjoy your time in Carradale.

Not only do we have Trek Hardtail mountain bikes to hire – with suspension and disc brakes – but we also have miles of traffic-free trails right on our doorstep.

As well as adult bikes, we also have bikes especially for youngsters – plus a tag-along for a child companion.

As well as bike hire, our shop can provide you with spares, repairs and expert advice – guaranteeing a fun-filled experience exploring our local trails.

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Fun for everyone, regardless of ability and mobility, is a key focus at our centre.

So to guarantee full inclusion our Tramper and TGA Breeze electric all-terrain buggies have a range of up to 30 miles (depending on terrain) and a top speed of 8mph, with ample battery power to complete our designated routes.

With their impressive active suspension our buggies will easily deliver a smooth and stable ride. They also have a choice of accelerator lever or twist grip and the seats swing for easy mounting and dismounting.

To ensure suitability for a wide range of disabled and elderly visitors, we have organised a range of less extreme trails that start and finish at the centre and can be graded according to rider ability, distance and terrain.


Whatever path you choose to follow, be prepared to discover the majesty of buzzards and eagles wheeling above you and keep your eyes open for red deer and rare red squirrels. Take time to stop and appreciate the wild flowers growing along the forest tracks.

Above all, enjoy the freedom as you cycle along and experience that ‘away from it all’ feeling. 

From our Bikes and Buggies centre, you have easy access to a range of trails that are suitable for everyone: from experts to novices to electric off-road buggy users.

Many of the trails are on land maintained by the Forestry Commission, who have produced a Cycle Code for visitors. We fully endorse this and recommend you follow it at all times.

We have also produced a series of maps of recommended trails for cyclists, buggy users and walkers. These are provided free with every hire or can be purchased separately.


Our workshop is fully equipped to carry out maintenance or repairs to any type of bike, large or small. Ian Brodie, our expert bike technician, has many years of experience and can get your two-wheeler back into tip-top condition.

He can also advise on rider comfort and safety and make all of the adjustments needed on your machine. He can fix punctures or re-lube the chain to improve your bike’s smooth running – in fact, anything and everything needed to get you back on two wheels and on the road again.

Our shop also sells tubes, lubes, puncture kits and many other useful items. 

Why not bring your bike along for a tune-up today?

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